The 圣安德鲁’s School Advantage

严格的课程: We offer 跳级 和 International Baccalaureate academic opportunities through a seamless PreK-12 powerhouse education based on best practices in teaching 和 learning.
Championship dafabet官方网址: dafabet手机版被称为a leading athletic program in the state known for scholar-athletes 和 sportsmanship.
圣公会的传统: Our philosophy 和 practice of seeking – 和 finding – the best of the human spirit in ourselves 和 others grows directly out of our school values 和 the 圣公会的传统 in which we were founded.
阳光明媚的南佛罗里达: The mild weather, beauty 和 abundant amenities of the city of Boca Raton 和 South 佛罗里达.
Successful College Placement: 90% of our recent graduates were admitted to a college ranked in the top 100 National Universities 和 Liberal 艺术 Colleges
Excellence without BurnoutWe want our students to learn how to succeed without burning out now 和 throughout their adult lives, so we show them what a 平衡的生活 of work 和 play 和 friendship looks like. 
的艺术: On campus, you will find a stunning performing 艺术s center with faculty stars in music, 艺术, 和 theater, 和 award-winning students in all divisions.
荣誉准则: Initiated by our students, 圣安德鲁’s 荣誉准则 is designed to teach students how to live their lives honorably 和 morally to be successful in college 和 life.
航空选择: 圣安德鲁’s School is proud to p艺术ner with Lynn University - College of Aeronautics to offer 上学校 students ages 16 和 over two pilot’s licensing training opportunities after school 和 on weekends. Learn more from current SA 航空 student - Andy Traficante '21

一个学校的位置: Our students have the benefits of a stunning 81-acre “gated” campus featuring three separate 和 age-appropriate areas for Lower, 中间, 和 上学校 divisions, sweeping athletic fields, 和 outst和ing facilities supporting the 艺术s.
优秀教师: 圣安德鲁有一个 世界一流的教师 ,关心. They are experts in their field 和 experts in how students learn. 
全球视角As p艺术 of our commitment to bring a global emphasis to our core curriculum, 圣安德鲁's School is 1 of 14 schools in 美国 to be accepted as a world member of the 圆形广场 International organization.
New Hub for Innovationdafabet手机版的新 Dr. Albert Cohen Family Center For Entrepreneurial Studies provides a potent platform for application of three key programs: Design 技术 和 Robotics, 媒体艺术, 和 Entrepreneurial Studies, plus a full range of subjects from all dep艺术ments.
小类: We offer a student-faculty ratio of 8:1 with the added advantage of two experienced teachers in each 较低的学校 classroom.


一个非营利性的, 独立的, co-educational school for grades Pre-K - 12, 圣安德鲁's School is a private day 和 boarding school located in Boca Raton, educating the best students from across Palm Beach County, 佛罗里达, 美国, 和 throughout the world in the 圣公会的传统.
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